partial denture

Dentures and Partial Dentures


For those missing some or all or their natural teeth, we can create a natural, beautiful smile and well-functioning bite with prosthetic dentures or partials.

In fact, newer materials can now, do away with unsightly metal clasps that are often undesirable to patients who wear partial dentures.

In addition, today’s technologies offer many solutions to worn, ill-fitting dentures. Implant stabilization is one way to give the confidence of a strong secure bite. Ask us about what our office can do to give you back the feeling of having your own teeth again.

Root Canals

So many people are afraid of the thought of a root canal. The surprise is that its easy to make a Root Canal a comfortable procedure! When a tooth has a cavity, which is actually an infection, it can grow if its not repaired. Once that infection goes to the center of the tooth the nerve gets infected and must be cleaned to heal the tooth. That’s what a Root canal is, it’s the process of cleaning the inside of your tooth and sealing it back up. Once that is done a crown must be placed on the tooth to keep the outside strong.

We can teach you how to prevent a Root Canal and if you do need one we can get you through it comfortably!